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[formerly the Ideal Intervention Paper (IIP) Project]


From 2006 through 2012, this project collected samples of best practice interventions as assessed by Clinical Pastoral Education students who had refined their verbatim accounts of patient visits in light of feedback from their CPE peers and supervisors as well as from workshop papers written by experienced practitioners and educators. The collection was closed at 395 entries indexed according to 26 themes, standing as an inductively developed sample of what practitioners, educators, and students in programs across the country came to see as exemplary practices as a result of their education and clinical work in CPE. As such, the database was intended to provide a means for advancing best practices for chaplains generally and demonstrate a model process for the consolidation of the practical wisdom of chaplaincy students and professionals. It also was envisioned as a resource for pastoral research, with an eye toward the increasing demands of modern health care for evidence-based interventions linked to identifiable outcomes.

The accumulated "Knowledge Base of Spiritual Care Samples" which had been posted on this site during the course of the project is NOW IN PRINT from Judson Press: The Pastoral Caregiver's Casebook series, edited by John J. Gleason. See the SCIPE News, linked below. Questions about the project may be addressed to John Gleason at MARIEJOHN50@ATT.NET or John Ehman (Network Convener) at JOHN.EHMAN@UPHS.UPENN.EDU.

SCIPE Newsletter, Summer-Fall 2015 (vol. 8, nos. 3-4) --final issue



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