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This page collects key resources for the incorporation of research into CPE programs.

Materials are listed in the order in which they were submitted.

♦  Rush Research Article Summary Outline, used by George Fitchett and Patricia Murphy in teaching research literacy (--PDF from the Research Program of the Department of Religion, Health, and Human Values at Rush University Medical Center). Also available as a Word document.

♦  Model Practices for Teaching Research in Clinical Pastoral Education --from Alexander Tartaglia, George Fitchett, Diane Dodd-McCue, Patricia Murphy, and Paul E. Derrickson, authors of "Teaching Research in Clinical Pastoral Education: A Survey of Model Practices" (2013).

Three presentations created by Paul Derrickson (Penn State Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA) for use in teaching CPE residents about research: Lecture #1: Developing a Research Tool? ; Lecture #2: Research as Second Language: Knowing the Rules of the Game; and Lecture #3: The Nitty-Gritty: Finding and Using Research.

Syllabus from Introduction to Research: A Webinar Didactic for CPE Residents by George Fitchett and Patricia Murphy from the Department of Religion, Health & Human Values at Rush University Medical Center (Chicago, IL).

Ways of Knowing: Possibilities for an Ministry Specialty Project, by Steve Overall and Lucy Hood --a PDF of a PowerPoint presentation introducing CPE students to research for the specific purpose of having them complete a project during a residency program. The presentation is paired with a separate, single handout on "Ways of Knowing." This material was shared at the annual meeting on April 23, 2010 (Kansas City, MO).

Getting to the Heart of Pastoral Care, Spirituality Research and Education: The Spiritual Pathway Project, by Angelina Van Hise and Paul Derrickson --PDF of a PowerPoint presentation from a workshop at the April 2010 ACPE Conference (Kansas City). Note: The project is further described in detail in Derrickson, P. and Van Hise, A., "Curriculum for a Spiritual Pathway Project: Integrating Research Methodology into Pastoral Care Training," Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy 16, nos 1-2 (January-June 2010): 3-12.

Twelve Guiding Questions for Incorporating Research into a CPE Curriculum, by John Ehman --PDF handout from a workshop at the November 2004 ACPE Conference (Portland, ME)

Working from a "Foothold" Article in the Health Care Literature: A Guide for Chaplains, by John Ehman --PDF handout to help students perform literature searches

Reading Spirituality and Health Research Articles: A Guide for Clinical Chaplains, by John Ehman --PDF handout to help students new to research begin reading formal research articles