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Syllabus from Introduction to Research: A Webinar Didactic for CPE Residents
developed by George Fitchett and Patricia Murphy, Department of Religion, Health & Human Values, Rush University Medical Center


The syllabus from the course recommends a careful progression of articles matched to key topics for the education of CPE students about research. In a recent e-mail announcement to the ACPE, Dr. Fitchett wrote:

There is a growing consensus about the importance of research for professional health care chaplaincy. This is reflected in the Standards of Practice for Professional Chaplains approved by APC. Specifically, Standard 12 states, "The chaplain practices evidence-based care including ongoing evaluation of new practices and, when appropriate, contributes to or conducts research."

As health care chaplaincy becomes a research-informed profession it is important for CPE curricula to help residents develop research literacy. Unfortunately, in a recent survey my colleagues and I found that only 12% of our residency programs offer intentional and substantive education about research. [See the note, below.] Many supervisors may support the importance of education about research for their CPE residents but may not have the resources to provide that education. In order to fill this gap my colleague Pat Murphy and I will be offering an 8 session webinar–based didactic, Introduction to Research…. This webinar has been approved by and will be hosted by the ACPE Academy. Interested residents may register for credit for the didactic from Rush University.
Note: Our April 2012 Article-of-the-Month, "Educating chaplains for research literacy: results of a national survey of Clinical Pastoral Education residency programs" [Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling 66, no. 1 (2012): 3:1-12], by George Fitchett, Alexander Tartaglia, Diane Dodd-McCue, and Patricia Murphy, addresses the low percentage of CPE residency programs offering education about research. This study also formed the basis of the authors' workshop, "Teaching Research in CPE Residency Programs," at the February 2012 national ACPE conference (Alexandria, VA), slides from which are available for downloading --slides are available as PowerPoint or PDF files, along with a handout.


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