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These pages highlight articles of special interest not only for researchers but for CPE educators and students in general. The articles are intended to encourage discussion among chaplains and to suggest potential resources for further investigation.  

NOTE: Article-of-the-Month pages written prior to May 2018 were done as part of the former ACPE Research Network.

  • May 2023
    TOPIC: Creating a Standardized Spiritual Screening for Chaplain Referrals through the EMR

  • APRIL 2023
    TOPIC: Insights from Chaplains' Journals about the Effects of the First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • MARCH 2023
    TOPIC: Benchmarking Spiritual Care Departments' Support of Hospital Staff

  • FEBRUARY 2023
    TOPIC: Chaplains and Telechaplaincy: Best Practices, Strengths, Weaknesses

  • JANUARY 2023
    TOPIC: Chaplains and the Complexity of Exiting Patients' Rooms and Ending Relationships

  • DECEMBER 2022
    TOPIC: Chaplains' Perspectives on Standardizing Spiritual Assessments

  • NOVEMBER 2022
    TOPIC: The Perceived Impact of Being a Chaplain-Researcher on Professional Practice

  • OCTOBER 2022
    TOPIC: Benchmarking Spiritual Care Departments' Staffing and Activities

  • SEPTEMBER 2022
    TOPIC: How Hospital Chaplains Develop and Use Rituals to Address Medical Staff Distress

  • AUGUST 2022
    TOPIC: Spirituality in Serious Illness and Health: Evidence Statements and Outcomes

  • JULY 2022
    TOPIC: Chaplains' Planning and Goal Orientations for End-of-Life Care Conversations

  • JUNE 2022
    TOPIC: Hospital Chaplains' Communication with Patients: Characteristics, Functions and Potential Benefits

  • MAY 2022
    TOPIC: The Spiritual Experience of Dementia from the Health Care Provider Perspective

  • APRIL 2022
    TOPIC: Organizational and Business Models That Underlie the Provision of Spiritual Care

  • MARCH 2022
    TOPIC: The Lasting Impact of Students' Clinical Pastoral Education Experiences

  • FEBRUARY 2022
    TOPIC: Empathy: Its Importance, Functions, Downsides & Limitations --Insights from Humanist Chaplains

  • JANUARY 2022
    TOPIC: Compassion Rounds: Experiences of Chaplains, Clinicians, and Family Members on a Neonatal ICU

  • DECEMBER 2021
    TOPIC: APC and NACC Self-Study of Board Certification of Professional Chaplains

  • NOVEMBER 2021
    TOPIC: A Qualitative Study of Spirituality and Vicarious Trauma among Trauma Clinicians

  • OCTOBER 2021
    TOPIC: A Question of "Propositional Knowledge" in CPE Education

  • SEPTEMBER 2021
    TOPIC: Preparation, Completion, and Existential Quality of Life in Palliative Care Cancer Patients

  • AUGUST 2021
    TOPIC: Religious and Spiritual Struggles among Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Adults

  • JULY 2021
    TOPIC: A Survey of Chaplains in the US on Brain Death/Death by Neurologic Criteria

  • JUNE 2021
    TOPIC: An Outcome Oriented and Research Informed Spiritual Care Assessment and Documentation Form

  • MAY 2021
    TOPIC: Patients' and Loved Ones' Expectations of Chaplain Services

  • APRIL 2021
    TOPIC: An International Survey about How Chaplains Were Affected by the Early Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • MARCH 2021
    TOPIC: Improving End of Life Cancer Outcomes through a Community Spiritual Care Advocate Program

  • FEBRUARY 2021
    TOPIC: Chaplains' Involvement in Advance Care Planning

  • JANUARY 2021
    TOPIC: Hearing Spiritually Significant Voices: A Phenomenological Survey and Taxonomy

  • DECEMBER 2020
    TOPIC: Can Outcome Research Respect the Integrity of Chaplaincy? A review of Outcome Studies

  • NOVEMBER 2020
    TOPIC: Palliative Chaplain Spiritual Assessment Progress Notes

  • OCTOBER 2020
    TOPIC: What Chaplains Wish Nurses Knew About Them

  • SEPTEMBER 2020
    TOPIC: Examining a Clinical Model for Patient Spiritual Journeys in Supportive and Palliative Care

  • AUGUST 2020
    TOPIC: Feasibility and Acceptability of a Telephone-Based Chaplaincy Intervention

  • JULY 2020
    TOPIC: Interfaith Chaplaincy in Palliative Care in Japan

  • JUNE 2020
    TOPIC: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Interactions with Chaplains and Nursing Staff Outcomes

  • MAY 2020
    TOPICS: 1) Challenges and Enablers of Spiritual Care for Family Members of ICU Patients, and 2) Bereavement Support on the Frontline of COVID-19

  • APRIL 2020
    TOPIC: "A Moment in the Life of a SARS Chaplain": A Reflection to Stir Thinking about COVID-19

  • MARCH 2020
    TOPIC: Attitudes and Behaviors that Differentiate Clergy with Positive Mental Health from Those with Burnout

  • FEBRUARY 2020
    TOPIC: Development of a Clinical Guide for Identifying Spiritual Distress in ICU Family Members

  • JANUARY 2020
    TOPIC: Healthcare Chaplains' Perspectives on Nurse-Chaplain Collaboration

  • DECEMBER 2019
    TOPIC: Qualitative Study Exploring Cancer Patients' Spirituality and Its Place in the Medical setting

  • NOVEMBER 2019
    TOPIC: Impact of Belief in Miracles on Understanding News of Disease Progression

  • OCTOBER 2019
    TOPIC: The Role of the Chaplain as an ICU Patient Navigator

  • SEPTEMBER 2019
    TOPIC: A Quantifiable Assessment of Spiritual Concerns of Adult Palliative Care Patients Near the End of Life: the PC-7

  • AUGUST 2019
    TOPIC: The Accuracy of Measures in Screening Adults for Spiritual Suffering in Health Care Settings

  • JULY 2019
    TOPIC: Use of the Spiritual Development Framework in Conducting Spirituality & Health Research with Adolescents

  • JUNE 2019
    TOPIC: A Spiritual Care and Assessment Intervention (SCAI) Framework to Support ICU Family Members/Surrogates

  • MAY 2019
    TOPIC: Educational Intervention of an Information Card to Increase Acceptance of Chaplaincy Services

  • APRIL 2019
    TOPIC: The Effect of Trauma on Religious Beliefs

  • MARCH 2019
    TOPIC: Interprofessional Models for Shared Decision Making: The Role of the Health Care Chaplain

  • FEBRUARY 2019
    TOPIC: Distress and Self-Care among Chaplains Working in Palliative Care

  • JANUARY 2019
    TOPIC: Patient Reported Outcomes of Pastoral Care in a Hospital Setting (Using the Lothian PROM)

  • DECEMBER 2018
    TOPIC: Coping of Surrogate Decision-Makers for Hospitalized Older Adults

  • NOVEMBER 2018
    TOPIC: The Spiritual Event of Serious Illness --Insights from the Religion & Spirituality in Cancer Care (RSCC) Study

  • OCTOBER 2018
    TOPIC: Using Patient-Reported Religious/Spiritual Concerns to Identify Patients Who Accept Chaplain Interventions in an Outpatient Oncology Setting

  • SEPTEMBER 2018
    TOPIC: Veterans Administration Chaplains' Understandings of, and Interventions Related to, Moral Injury

  • AUGUST 2018
    TOPIC: Adapting the Advocate Health Care Taxonomy of Chaplaincy for a Pediatric Hospital Context

  • JULY 2018
    TOPIC: Factors Predicting Burnout among Chaplains

  • JUNE 2018
    TOPIC: Two legacy articles exploring the effect/effectiveness of CPE

  • MAY 2018
    TOPIC: Case Study of a Chaplain as the Mediator between the Patient and the Interdisciplinary Team in Ethical Decision Making

  • APRIL 2018
    TOPIC: Spirituality And Post-Stroke Aphasia Recovery

  • MARCH 2018
    TOPIC: Assessing and Providing for the Psychosocial and Spiritual Needs of Burn Patients

  • FEBRUARY 2018
    TOPIC: Silence as an Element of Care

  • JANUARY 2018
    TOPIC: Stereotypes of Religious Professionals

  • DECEMBER 2017
    TOPIC: Chaplain Documentation as Performance Improvement

  • NOVEMBER 2017
    TOPIC: Conversation Game to Help Prepare Chaplains for End-of-Life Discussions

  • OCTOBER 2017
    TOPIC: State of the Science of Spirituality and Palliative Care Research

  • SEPTEMBER 2017
    TOPIC: God Imagery and Affective Outcomes in a Spiritually Integrative Inpatient Program

  • AUGUST 2017
    TOPIC: A Test of Spiritual AIM (Spiritual Assessment & Intervention Model)

  • JULY 2017
    TOPIC: How Chaplains Are Seen by Parents of Hospitalized Children

  • JUNE 2017
    TOPIC: Perceptions of Chaplains' Value and Impact within Hospital Care Teams

  • MAY 2017
    TOPIC: Analysis of Family Medicine Residents' Journal Reflections: The "Inner Life" of Physicians

  • APRIL 2017
    TOPIC: Roles that Religion May Play in Ethics Committee Consultations Regarding Life-Sustaining Treatment

  • MARCH 2017
    TOPIC: Profile of Chaplains Working In Palliative Care in the US

  • FEBRUARY 2017
    TOPIC: Qualitative Analysis of a Chaplain-Led Intervention for Patients with Brain Cancer

  • JANUARY 2017
    TOPIC: Critical Care Nurses' Perceptions of and Experiences with Chaplains

  • DECEMBER 2016
    TOPIC: How Families Find Strength, Comfort, and Purpose in Spirituality after Homicide

  • NOVEMBER 2016
    TOPIC: Determining Best Methods to Screen for Religious/Spiritual Distress

  • OCTOBER 2016
    TOPIC: Descriptive Study of Chaplain Notes in the ICU

  • SEPTEMBER 2016
    TOPIC: A Novel Picture Guide to Improve Spiritual Care and Reduce Anxiety in Mechanically Ventilated Adults in the ICU

  • AUGUST 2016
    TOPIC: Efficacy of a One-Day Workshop to Equip Front-Line Clinicians to be Spiritual Care Generalists

  • JULY 2016
    TOPIC: Advancing Our Understanding of Religion and Spirituality in the Context of Behavioral Medicine

  • JUNE 2016
    TOPIC: Diary Study of the Chaplain's Role in the Care of the Seriously Ill in an Urban Acute Care Hospital

  • MAY 2016
    TOPIC: A Post-Code Pause for Staff after Resuscitations --A Process Potentially Involving Chaplains

  • APRIL 2016
    TOPIC: Behavioral Outcomes of Supervisory Education in the ACPE

  • MARCH 2016
    TOPIC: Spiritual Peace as a Predictor of 5-Year Mortality in Congestive Heart Failure Patients, Using a Single Item Assessment of Inner Peace or Harmony

  • FEBRUARY 2016
    TOPIC: Factors That Influence Chaplains' Suicide Intervention Behavior in the Army

  • JANUARY 2016
    TOPIC: Issues Post-Stroke for Muslim People in Maintaining the Practice of Salat

  • DECEMBER 2015
    TOPIC: Chaplains on the Medical Team: A Qualitative Analysis of an Interprofessional Curriculum for Internal Medicine Residents and Chaplain Interns

  • NOVEMBER 2015
    TOPIC: Increasing the Number of Palliative Care Outpatients Receiving Spiritual Assessment

  • OCTOBER 2015
    TOPIC: The Importance of Faith in FACIT-Sp Assessments of Quality-of-Life in Caner Survivors

  • SEPTEMBER 2015
    TOPIC: Spirituality and the Recovery of Quality of Life Following Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

  • AUGUST 2015
    TOPIC: Summary Analysis and Update on Religion, Spirituality, and Health Research

  • JULY 2015
    TOPIC: Patient and Family Perceptions of Chaplain Presence during Post-Trauma Care

  • JUNE 2015
    TOPIC: A Chaplain-Led Spiritual Life Review Process for Patients with Brain Cancers and Progressive Neurologic Conditions

  • MAY 2015
    TOPIC: Teaching Non-Chaplain Providers to Integrate Spiritual Care into Their Practice

  • APRIL 2015
    TOPIC: Dignity Therapy

  • MARCH 2015
    TOPIC: Relationship with God, Loneliness, Anger, and Symptom Distress in Patients with Cancer Who Are Near the End of Life

  • FEBRUARY 2015
    TOPIC: Chaplains' Visits and Patient Satisfaction

  • JANUARY 2015
    TOPIC: Disclosure of Near-Death Experiences

  • DECEMBER 2014
    TOPIC: The Spiritual Use of Images of Artworks to Facilitate Conversation with Hospitalized Patients

  • NOVEMBER 2014
    TOPIC: Review of the Role of Religion/Spirituality in Mental Health

  • OCTOBER 2014
    TOPIC: Negative Religious Coping and Suicidal Ideation in Advanced Cancer Patients

  • SEPTEMBER 2014
    TOPIC: Association of Spiritual Care Providers' Activities with Family Members' Satisfaction with Care after a Death in the ICU

  • AUGUST 2014
    TOPIC: Introductory Overview of Qualitative Research Methodology for Chaplains

  • JULY 2014
    TOPIC: Spiritual Coping in Adolescents with Cystic Fibrosis

  • JUNE 2014
    TOPIC: Report of the International Consensus Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, on Improving the Spiritual Dimension of Whole Person Care

  • MAY 2014
    TOPIC: Veterans Affairs Chaplains' Attitudes about Their Utilization for Smoking Cessation Interventions

  • APRIL 2014
    TOPIC: Chaplains and the Practice of Prayer across Multiple Faiths

  • MARCH 2014
    TOPIC: Research Methodology: Research Designs and Making Causal Inferences from Health Care Studies

  • FEBRUARY 2014
    TOPIC: The Shadowing of Chaplains as a Component of Medical Education

  • JANUARY 2014
    TOPIC: Positive and Negative Effects of a Deferring Style of Religious Coping among Breast Cancer Patients

  • DECEMBER 2013
    TOPIC: Transcendent Language and the Measurement of "Spiritual Fitness"

  • NOVEMBER 2013
    TOPIC: Pathways from Religion to Advance Care Planning: Beliefs about Control Over Length of Life and End-of-Life Values

  • OCTOBER 2013
    TOPIC: Professional Quality of Life -- Compassion Satisfaction, Compassion Fatigue, and Burnout -- among VHA Chaplains

  • SEPTEMBER 2013
    TOPIC: Near Death Experiences and Spiritual Well-Being

  • AUGUST 2013
    TOPIC: Nurse Responses to Patient Expressions of Spiritual Distress

  • JULY 2013
    TOPIC: Negotiating Health-Related Uncertainties: Biomedical and Religious Sources of Information and Support

  • JUNE 2013
    TOPIC: Model Practices for Teaching Research in CPE

  • MAY 2013
    TOPIC: Religious Communities' Support to Advanced Cancer Patients and Associations with EoL Medical Care

  • APRIL 2013
    TOPIC: Anger toward God among Family Members of Hospice Patients

  • MARCH 2013
    TOPIC: Spirituality and Physicians' Interpretations of Medically Unexplained Symptoms

  • FEBRUARY 2013
    TOPIC: Religious Beliefs and Practices in End-Stage Renal Disease

  • JANUARY 2013
    TOPIC: Piloting a Two-Question Nursing Screen and Referral Protocol for Patient Spiritual Distress

  • DECEMBER 2012
    TOPIC: The Impact of Illness upon Faith (II-Faith) Measure

  • NOVEMBER 2012
    TOPIC: Use of Spirituality after an Adult Diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis

  • OCTOBER 2012
    TOPIC: Unmet Spiritual Care Needs and Their Impact for Advanced Cancer Inpatients

  • SEPTEMBER 2012
    TOPIC: A National Study of Chaplaincy Services and End-of-Life Outcomes

  • AUGUST 2012
    TOPIC: Why Do Research on Spirituality and Health, and What Do the Results Mean? --A Commentary by Harold Koenig

  • JULY 2012
    TOPIC: The Spiritual Needs Assessment for Patients (SNAP)

  • JUNE 2012
    TOPIC: Overview of Spirituality in the Cancer Trajectory

  • MAY 2012
    TOPIC: Sacred Healing Stories Told at the End of Life

  • APRIL 2012
    TOPIC: Educating Chaplains for Research Literacy: A National Survey of CPE Residency Programs

  • MARCH 2012
    TOPIC: Secular Reverence and Hospital Length-of-Stay

    TOPIC: Two Major Reviews of Research on Chaplaincy

  • DECEMBER 2011
    TOPIC: Views of God as Benevolent/Forgiving or Punishing/Judgmental Predictive of HIV Disease Progression

  • NOVEMBER 2011
    TOPIC: Chaplains' Access to Medical Records

  • OCTOBER 2011
    TOPIC: Burnout, Secondary Traumatic Stress, and Social Support in a Sample of Chaplains

  • SEPTEMBER 2011
    TOPIC: Study of Spiritual Distress in Advanced Cancer Inpatients, Using a Chaplain's Subjective Assessment

  • AUGUST 2011
    TOPIC: Attention to Patients' Religious/Spiritual Concerns and Effect on Patient Satisfaction

  • JULY 2011
    TOPIC: Perspectives on Chaplaincy from Physicians and Chaplains

  • JUNE 2011
    TOPIC: Support of Cancer Patients' Spiritual Needs and Associations with Medical Care Costs at the End of Life

  • MAY 2011
    TOPIC: Chaplains and Disenfranchised Grief

  • APRIL 2011
    TOPIC: Spiritual Care Competencies for Family Medicine Resident Education

  • MARCH 2011
    TOPIC: How Muslim and Non-Muslim Chaplains Serve Muslim Patients

  • FEBRUARY 2011
    TOPIC: Chaplains' Presence and Patients' Hopefulness at the End of Life

  • JANUARY 2011
    TOPIC: Spiritual Reconfigurations of Self after a Myocardial Infarction

  • DECEMBER 2010
    TOPIC: Current Status of Measures of Spirituality

  • NOVEMBER 2010
    TOPIC: Workshop Changing Chaplains' Feelings about Research

  • OCTOBER 2010
    TOPIC: Using a Peer Consultation Model to Enhance Supervisor Development

  • SEPTEMBER 2010
    TOPIC: Proximal Intercessory Prayer

  • AUGUST 2010
    TOPIC: Evaluation of the FICA Tool for Spiritual Assessment

  • JULY 2010
    TOPIC: Differentiating Spiritual Experiences from Psychoses (plus, Spirituality & Health Research from Brazil)

  • JUNE 2010
    TOPIC: Factors that Influence Surrogate Decision-Makers' Perceptions of Prognosis

  • MAY 2010
    TOPIC: Forgiveness as a Mediator in Religion-Health Associations

  • APRIL 2010
    TOPIC: A Spiritually Based Intervention for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

  • MARCH 2010
    TOPIC: Spirituality of Childhood Cancer Survivors

  • FEBRUARY 2010
    TOPIC: When Do Nurses Refer Patients to Professional Chaplains?

  • JANUARY 2010
    TOPIC: Spiritual Care and Associations with Medical Care and Quality of Life Near Death

  • DECEMBER 2009
    TOPIC: Longing and Spirituality in the Lived Experience of Adolescents with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

  • NOVEMBER 2009
    TOPIC: Wagle Health-Specific Religiousness Scale (and a Spirituality & Cancer Bibliography)

  • OCTOBER 2009
    TOPIC: Meditation, Telomeres, and Cellular Longevity

  • SEPTEMBER 2009
    TOPIC: Belief in a Concerned God and Response to Treatment for Depression

  • AUGUST 2009
    TOPIC: Spirituality and Support for Family Presence at Resuscitations

  • JULY 2009
    TOPIC: JCOPE Measure of Religious Coping in Jewish Populations

  • JUNE 2009
    TOPIC: Two New Overviews on Religion/Spirituality and Mental Health

  • MAY 2009
    TOPIC: Spirituality and Turning Points in the Lives of Persons with HIV

  • APRIL 2009
    TOPIC: Religious Coping and the Use of Intensive Life-Prolonging Care Near Death

  • MARCH 2009
    TOPIC: Effect of Pastoral Care Services on Religious Coping and Other Responses to CABG Surgery

  • FEBRUARY 2009
    TOPIC: Prayer Books, in which Hospital Patients/Visitors/Staff Write Prayers

  • JANUARY 2009
    TOPIC: Religious Struggle, Death Concerns, Depression, and Terror Management Theory

  • DECEMBER 2008
    TOPIC: Religion, Risk, and Medical Decision-Making at the End of Life

  • NOVEMBER 2008
    TOPIC: Mystical Experience in the Context of Health Care

  • OCTOBER 2008
    TOPIC: Effects of a Spiritual Meditation on Pain and Issues of Migraineurs

  • SEPTEMBER 2008
    TOPIC: Overview of the Neurobiology of Spirituality

  • AUGUST 2008
    TOPIC: Effect of a Guided Imagery and Music Intervention on Spirituality and Anxiety in a Cardiac Population

  • JULY 2008
    TOPIC: The Provision of Chaplaincy Services in US Hospitals, 1980-2003

  • JUNE 2008
    TOPIC: Violently Injured Patients Seen in the Emergency Department

  • MAY 2008
    TOPIC: The Spiritual Transformation Scale, and Assessing Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Decline in Cancer Patients

  • APRIL 2008
    TOPIC: Gap Analysis of Cultural and Religious Needs of Hospitalized Patients

  • MARCH 2008
    TOPIC: Patients' Expectations of Hospital Chaplains

  • FEBRUARY 2008
    TOPIC: Beliefs, Mental Health, and Evolutionary Threat Assessment Systems in the Brain

  • JANUARY 2008
    TOPIC: Sense Making in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Disease

  • DECEMBER 2007
    TOPIC: Spirituality and the Experience of American Indians Receiving Hemodialysis

  • NOVEMBER 2007
    TOPIC: Illness Trajectories and Spirituality

  • OCTOBER 2007
    TOPIC: An Overview of Research on Forgiveness

  • SEPTEMBER 2007
    TOPIC: "Vicarious Resilience" --A Concept with Implications for Chaplains

  • AUGUST 2007
    TOPIC: Spirituality/Religion and Depression

  • JULY 2007
    TOPIC: Three Philosophical Approaches to the Study of Spirituality

  • JUNE 2007
    TOPIC: The Influence of Spirituality/Religion on Cognitive Decline in Alzheimer's Patients

  • MAY 2007
    TOPIC: Patients' Conceptualizations of Spirituality and Religion

  • APRIL 2007
    TOPIC: Cerebral Blood Flow During Glossolalia

  • MARCH 2007
    TOPIC: Do Pastoral Care Providers Recognize Nurses as Spiritual Care Providers?

  • FEBRUARY 2007
    TOPIC: Spirituality and Eating Disorders

  • JANUARY 2007
    TOPIC: Chaplains' Involvement with Issues of Physical Pain

  • DECEMBER 2006
    TOPIC: Washing Away Your Sins: Threatened Morality and Physical Cleansing

  • NOVEMBER 2006
    TOPIC: Matters of Spirituality at the End of Life in the PICU

  • OCTOBER 2006
    TOPIC: Neuroscience and Emotion: the Research of Joseph LeDoux on the Amygdala

  • SEPTEMBER 2006
    TOPIC: The Influence of Awareness of Terminal Illness on Spiritual Well-Being

  • AUGUST 2006
    TOPIC: Patients' Attitudes about Being Placed on Religion Lists for Clergy Visitation

  • JULY 2006
    TOPIC: "Spiritual Modeling" --Learning Theory and Its Empirical Research

  • JUNE 2006
    TOPIC: Patients'/Families' Use of the Internet for Spiritual Support

  • MAY 2006
    TOPIC: Research into Near-Death Experiences

  • APRIL 2006
    TOPIC: An Ethnographic Study of Chaplains in a Pastoral Care Department with a CPE Intern Program

  • MARCH 2006
    TOPIC: Spirituality and Bipolar Affective Disorder

  • FEBRUARY 2006
    TOPIC: "Are You at Peace?": One Item to Probe Spiritual Concerns at the End of Life

  • JANUARY 2006
    TOPIC: Religious and Non-Religious Coping in Lung Transplant Candidates: Does Adding God to the Picture Tell Us More?

  • DECEMBER 2005
    TOPIC: The Effects Spiritual vs. Secular Meditation on (Physical) Pain Outcomes

  • NOVEMBER 2005
    TOPIC: Efficacy of Frequent Mantram Repetition

  • OCTOBER 2005
    TOPIC: Physician Perspectives and Characteristics Regarding Religion/Spirituality

  • SEPTEMBER 2005
    TOPIC: The Role of Spirituality in Weight Management

  • AUGUST 2005
    TOPIC: The Heritability of Religiousness (and Religiousness as a Sixth Factor of Personality)

  • JULY 2005
    TOPIC: A Field Analysis of Spirituality, Religion and Health

  • JUNE 2005
    TOPIC: New Spiritual Assessment Instruments

  • MAY 2005
    TOPIC: How Spirituality May Be Affected by Trauma

  • APRIL 2005
    TOPIC: Beliefs in an Afterlife and Their Health-Related Effects

  • MARCH 2005
    TOPIC: Positive Spiritual Outcomes from Surviving Haematological Malignancies

  • FEBRUARY 2005
    TOPIC: Clergy and the Provision of End-of-Life Care (--with implications for pastoral education)

  • JANUARY 2005
    TOPIC: The Conceptualization of Religion and Epistemological Issues in Research on Religion & Health

  • DECEMBER 2004
    TOPIC: Spiritual Well-Being, Part 3: The Spirituality Index of Well-Being Scale

  • NOVEMBER 2004
    TOPIC: Religious Struggle During Illness

  • OCTOBER 2004
    TOPIC: Spiritual Needs and Patient Satisfaction

  • SEPTEMBER 2004
    TOPIC: Physician-Patient Interaction Regarding Spirituality

  • AUGUST 2004
    TOPIC: Clergy as Physician/Community Resources

  • JULY 2004
    TOPIC: Experiences of Survivors of Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation (including deriving reassurance from "angelic encounters")

  • JUNE 2004
    TOPIC: Research on the Meaning and Use of the Terminology of Spiritual Pain / Existential Pain

  • MAY 2004
    TOPIC: A Study of Chaplains' Interventions and Referrals at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

  • APRIL 2004
    TOPIC: Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients and Religious Coping (with additional thoughts on spirituality and immune system functioning)

  • MARCH 2004
    TOPIC: Spiritual Well-Being, Part 2: Studies Using the Spiritual Well-Being Scale

  • FEBRUARY 2004
    TOPIC: Spiritual Well-Being, Part 1: Spiritual Well Being and the FACIT-Sp Measure

  • JANUARY 2004
    TOPIC: Background to Fetzer's Multidimensional Measurement of Religiousness/Spirituality

  • DECEMBER 2003
    TOPIC: Findings from Quantitative Research and the Work of David B. Larson, M.D.

  • NOVEMBER 2003
    TOPIC: Studies on Remote Intercessory Prayer: Methodology and Assumptions

  • OCTOBER 2003
    TOPIC: An Ethnographic Study of CPE/Chaplaincy in the Contemporary Hospital Setting

  • SEPTEMBER 2003
    TOPIC: Overview of Research-Related Issues in the Field of the Psychology of Religion

  • AUGUST 2003
    TOPIC: Post-Termination Phase of Psychoanalysis--with Implications for CPE

  • JULY 2003
    TOPIC: Attitudes Regarding Disclosure of Medical Errors

  • JUNE 2003
    TOPIC: Muslim Patient Issues and the Effect of Illness/Treatment on Religious Practice

  • MAY 2003
    TOPIC: Four Important Overview Articles on the State-of-the-Science in Spirituality and Health

  • APRIL 2003
    TOPIC: Religious Coping and Chronic Illness (with a bib. introducing religious coping)

  • MARCH 2003
    TOPIC: Self-Transformation and Breast Cancer Survivors (with a bib. re: spiritual risk and qualitative research)

  • FEBRUARY 2003
    TOPIC: The Ironson-Woods Spirituality/Religiousness Index and Persons Living with HIV/AIDS

  • JANUARY 2003
    TOPIC: Private Prayer, Optimism, and Cardiac Patients (with a bib. re: spirituality and cardiac issues)

  • DECEMBER 2002
    TOPIC: Systems-Centered Group Therapy: Research Bases and Practical Issues

  • NOVEMBER 2002
    TOPIC: Chaplain Supervisors and Research: Insights from a Personal Journey into the World of Research

  • OCTOBER 2002
    TOPIC: Spiritual Needs and End-of-Life Care

  • SEPTEMBER 2002
    TOPIC: The Definition and Use of the Term/Concept of Spirituality in the Health Care Literature