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This site provides current information about ACPE's Research Community of Practice (CoP), the ACPE Research Committee, the Research Article-of-the-Month, and Research News, along with the complete archive (2002-2018) of material from the previous ACPE Research Network; promoting research literacy and original studies pertinent to spiritual care and education.

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ACPE RESEARCH COMMITTEE  -- Judy Ragsdale, Chair
This Board-level committee began meeting in 2018 to help guide the ACPE regarding research beneficial to the organization. See the ACPE Research Committee Information Page of this site.


The Research Community of Practice is a forum for information sharing and potential collaboration focused on research related to CPE education as well as methods for including research into CPE curriculum. To join, go to the "My ACPE" section of the ACPE website (, select "My Communities," scroll to find "Research CoP," and click on the link; then click "Follow Community." For more information, email


The December Article-of-the-Month will be posted by the 16th. The November Article-of-the-Month investigates whether belief in miracles affects patients' understanding of news about their disease progression.  --Also note: The October AOTM examines nurses' and physicians' perspectives on the use of a chaplain resident in the role of an ICU patient navigator and offers "lessons learned" from the project. And, the September AOTM presents a quantifiable assessment of spiritual concerns of adult palliative care patients near the end of life. It was developed by a team of seven Chicago-area chaplains as an evidence-based model that could be widely adopted.


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  • Quantitative Research for Chaplains and Health Care Professionals: A Primer has recently been published by Kevin J. Flannelly, Laura T. Flannelly and Katherine R. B. Jankowski. This compilation of ten articles from the Research Methodology section of the Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy takes readers from very basic research concepts, such as "causality" and "variables," to the application of different types of statistical analyses. Full information can be found on the Routledge publishing website.


Transforming Chaplaincy ( --
The revised Transforming Chaplaincy website launched on November 16, 2017, reflecting its expanded function as an international hub for information about chaplaincy research, including a very informative newsletter.
Chaplaincy Innovation Lab ( --
This online think-tank for spiritual care research, education, and practice across all sectors of the profession, bringing together national leaders in theological education, social science, American religious history, clinical education, and professional chaplaincy to gather, foster and share rigorous academic research about the provision of spiritual care in a range of settings.
Rush Research Article Summary Outline --
This PDF resource (also available as a Word document) is used by George Fitchett and Patricia Murphy in teaching research literacy.
An Invitation to Chaplaincy Research: Entering the Process --
This book for chaplains new to research is edited by Myers, G. E with Roberts, S. (2014) and is an excellent resource, available freely through the HealthCare Chaplaincy Network, which produced it with support from the John Templeton Foundation.
European Research Institute for Chaplains in Healthcare --
The ERICH is an initiative of the European Network of Healthcare Chaplains (ENHCC) and is hosted by the Academic Centre for Practical Theology (ACPT) in KU Leuven, Belgium.
Spiritual Health Victoria's Review of Literature --
This 88-page 80 pp. resource speaks to how spiritual care is provided by chaplains. It addresses spiritual care interventions and outcomes, how spiritual care is measured and reported, and the relationship between spiritual care providers and other healthcare staff. Though created as part of a project with La Trobe University, with Australian chaplaincy especially in mind, it is broadly relevant. It is linked to the Research page of the Spiritual Health Victoria website.
Knowledge Base of Spiritual Care Samples --
This collection of 395 samples of best practice interventions was developed through the Spiritual Care Initiative for Professional Excellence [formerly the Ideal Intervention Paper (IIP) Project] and posted on our site until 2012. It is now available in print as a four volume set from Judson Press: The Pastoral Caregiver's Casebook series, edited by John J. Gleason.
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