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The ACPE Research Network seeks to foster connections among members of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education interested in research, encourage original research, and raise awareness about published research (e.g., in the health care literature and the education literature) related to spirituality, pastoral care, and Clinical Pastoral Education.

  GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS (updated November 16, 2014):

  • The Fall 2014 Newsletter features the announcement of the creation of a Joint Research Council by the APC, and the publication of a new handbook: An Invitation to Chaplaincy Research: Entering the Process, available online from the HealthCare Chaplaincy Network; as well as Gordon Hilsman's "Five Questions I Wish Research Would Address," a study from the Catholic Health Association on health hare executives' and clinicians' views on chaplaincy, a follow-up report on an Irish study of the impact of stillbirths on chaplains, and an update on a previously announced study of the effects of religious symbols on brain function. Note, too, that the Summer 2014 issue included a message from the ACPE Executive Director, a report of research by chaplains from Yale-New Haven Hospital, a "call to action" by the European Network of Healthcare Chaplaincy, a link to COMISS surveys about research publications in specialized ministry, suggestions by Steve Overall, news of a new Spiritual Assessment and Spiritual Injury App, and notes of new journals and articles of interest not previously cited on our website.
  • The November Article-of-the-Month offers a brief review of the role of religion/spirituality in mental health. Also note: the October AoM examines negative religious coping and suicidal ideation in advanced cancer patients, and the September AoM reports associations between spiritual care providers' activities and family members' satisfaction with care after a death in an Intensive Care Unit. The latter feature includes a special note to the Research Network from one of the co-authors, Sean K. Doll O’Mahoney, ACPE Supervisor and Director of the Department of Spiritual Care at Harborview Medical Center (Seattle, WA), about his experience of participating in this research.
  • Chaplain Gerald M. Gundersen, at the Psychiatric Institute of Washington, has sent to our Network a brief article about "Helping Mental Health Patients Heal Through Forgiveness," which he describes as "an effort to link pastoral care with applied research through an individual case study methodology." Chaplain Gunderson has long been a supporter of spiritual care research, and he brings a research-mindedness generally to his work. The piece has been appended to the Related Items of Interest section of the May 2010 Article-of-the-Month regarding forgiveness.

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