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The ACPE Research Network seeks to foster connections among members of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education interested in research, encourage original research, and raise awareness about published research (e.g., in the health care literature and the education literature) related to spirituality, pastoral care, and Clinical Pastoral Education.

  GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS (updated October 13, 2015):

  • The October Article-of-the-Month examines the importance of Faith in FACIT-Sp assessments of Quality-of-Life in cancer survivors, by Andrea L. Canada, Patricia E. Murphy, George Fitchett, and Kevin Stein. Their study highlights the indirect, mediated effects of Faith. Also, a reminder of some recent Articles-of-the-Month: The July AoM presents a qualitative study of patient and family perceptions of chaplain presence during post-trauma care, and includes a proposal for holistic spiritual care assessment that integrates the study's findings with psychological theory. Also note that in June we featured a pair of reports from ongoing research at the Mayo Clinic on chaplain-led spiritual life review for patients with brain cancers and progressive neurologic conditions. The principal author is Katherine M. Piderman, Coordinator for Research in the Department of Chaplain Services, and the study involves a number of department members. Additionally, note that the May AoM highlights a pilot study of a CPE-based program to teach non-chaplain healthcare professionals to integrate spiritual care into their practice, and the March AoM, features a study completed by a CPE Residency group with the help of a mentor, at the VA hospital in Tampa, FL. Five of the students offer to the Network their personal reflections of the experience of the project.
  • The Fall Newsletter will be posted by the end of October. The Summer 2015 Newsletter includes descriptions of pastoral care research activities at the Maine Medical Center, Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Patient Counseling, and the Carolinas Healthcare System; plus links to Judith Ragsdale's presentation slides from the Atlanta ACPE conference and Trace Haythorn's message to the ACPE that appeared in our Network's conference flyer, and notes of a new Pew survey and how new chaplaincy guidelines in England support research. Also, the Spring 2015 edition includes an article on the New Research Standards for Certification in the NACC, and the Fall 2014 issue announced the creation of a Joint Research Council by the APC, and the publication of a new handbook: An Invitation to Chaplaincy Research: Entering the Process, available online from the HealthCare Chaplaincy Network.

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